When can i wash my face after microblading

when can i wash my eyebrows after microblading

If you’re wondering, can I take a shower after microblading? You have come to the right place, because today we will answer this question. If you want a quick answer, then YES !,  but be careful, it is not how you think and if you do not read to the end you may regret it.

When can i wash my eyebrows after microblading

Technically you can bathe immediately, that is, there is no problem with it being in contact with water. Microblading is like a tattoo, you inject ink into the skin, it will bleed and go through a healing process.

how long after microblading can i wash my face

Washing your face can also be done after microblading, but be careful with the chemicals that can pass through your eyebrows until they heal.

Washing face after microblading

You can take a bath immediately, there is no rule that prohibits taking a bath after this, but that if, you must be extremely careful. Rather, do not let water get on your eyebrows as a precaution.

The problem is not the bathroom, the problem is that when bathing you use chemicals, that is, soap or shampoo, which if they come into contact with your wound (microblading) It can cause many problems if you do not investigate when I can bathe after a tattoo. .

After microblading when can i wash my eyebrows

Here is the correct way to wash your eyebrows after microblading and after bathing.

Step 1: Cleaning Guide

Buy mineral water to use, only this ensures 100% purity, thus avoiding infecting the microblading. Also, look for a neutral soap in its pH, and some dry towels.

Step 2: Cleaning Guide

Wash the eyebrows with soap and water, passing your hand gently so as not to hurt the skin.

Step 3: Cleaning Guide

Dry the eyebrow area with the dry towels, try not to leave any residue.


If you want to know a little more, you may want to review our article, microblading care . Thank you for visiting us, do not hesitate to contact us.

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