How to remove microblading

How to remove microblading

Although microblading and micropigmentation are semi-permanent makeup techniques, it can be erased. Perhaps because the result was not what you expected or because you have tired of microblading, no matter the reason, the truth is that as time passes the color of the pigment becomes lighter, but this process can take too long. Removing the microblading naturally can take up to 2 years, and micropigmentation up to 5, but you don’t have to wait that long to erase the microblading. Here we leave you the best alternatives to eliminate fast microblading.

How to get rid of microblading

How can I remove microblading? It could be considered that it is impossible to remove pigment particles from the skin, our body always rejects the ink, but it is embedded with the correct depth so that it cannot come out or be eliminated. Given this problem, different types of techniques are required for the elimination of microblading, that is why we will divide and classify all the efficient ways to completely get rid of microblading.

Can you remove microblading?

It all depends on the stage, but the most common materials to remove micropigmentation are:

  • Vasodilators
  • Depigmenting
  • These are only used in case of fixing small imperfections after microblading, likewise it is used as a lightener, in cases where the pigment does not take on the desired color. However the correct techniques to eliminate microblading are.

Eyebrow microblading removal

Laser to remove microblading

Everything works thanks to the emission of energy in the form of a burst, these waves of different sizes are at high temperatures, thus managing to loosen the pigment so that it dissolves. In this area there are different types of laser to erase microblading, varying depending on the finish, and it takes around 3 sessions to finish it with an intermediate time of 3 weeks between sessions.

Microblading removal

It is a very painful and expensive process, even with all the sessions, a total elimination of the eyebrow tattoo is not guaranteed, without marks or scars, since all bodies react differently, and some may present keloids.

During the session to remove the microblading, the professional will need the following lasers, depending on the condition:

  • Ruby laser: Effective to eliminate black, blue and green microblading, and weak against warm colors.
  • Alexandrite Laser: An improved version of the previous one, since it reduces the risks of hypopigmentation.
  • Carbon dioxide laser: It is used in cases of localized pigments, as it emits large waves, its frequent use can generate dyschromia.
  • Neodymium Yag Laser: Loved by professionals because it does not leave scars and is effective.
  • Pulsed dye laser: The most effective for removing blue or red colors, creating a superficial crust.

Other techniques to eliminate microblading that are not as effective

Usually, some recommend applying these techniques to erase the microblading at home, but we do not recommend it. The list is as follows:

  • Salt removal
  • Dermopeeling
  • Liquid nitrogen
  • Cold and friction
  • Skin extension
  • Surgery
  • Depigmentation with organic acids
  • The application of these techniques can leave large scars on the skin that will not be able to be eliminated and will aggravate the problem.

What inexpensive or natural alternative can I use to eliminate microblading?

For these cases, the best option is to use color nuance, in other words, it is to use a base color that simulates the skin tone. Tattooing your eyebrows again can be a risky but effective method that has brought peace to many girls, after a bad taste in the mouth with a lost session.


Now that you know how you can eliminate microblading, I hope you can feel more confident and make an appointment with your expert to get rid of that headache.

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