Day by day microblading healing process

Day by day microblading healing process

When we talk about microblading, we imagine the application of organic pigments on the skin with the needles or micropigmentation machines in the eyebrows, but the anguish comes when we think about day-to-day microblading, evolution of microblading or micropigmentation and stages after microblading.

Microblading day by day

This whole process takes time, since they are small wounds that are progressively closed, in some cases it can cause discomfort, pain and discomfort, but it is normal, do you want to know the evolution of microblading day by day? Stay and find out below.

Microblading touch up healing process day by day

In microblading not all is bad news, as the days and weeks go by, the results that you have been looking for so much begin to be noticed in your eyebrows, and all the discomfort will disappear.

During the early stages of healing, some of these conditions often occur:

  • Scales
  • Patches
  • Clarity in pigment
  • This usually varies depending on the care, skin type, exposure to heat, but if you have doubts you can check our article, microblading was erased for more answers.

Microblading healing process day by day images

When it is the first time that someone microblades, it is completely normal that days after the session, various symptoms appear that at first can cause anyone to be a little alarmed. However, each and every one of these side effects usually happen with the passing of the days, since they are part of the microblading phases. Some of the symptoms are:

  • Between day 1 and 2, swelling and mild bleeding usually appear
  • During days 3 and 5, you have dark brows that tend to fade
  • Day 5 and 8, continuous flaking and color fade
  • During the 8th and 12th day the ends of your eyebrows will look flaky
  • Between the 12th and 21st the color and texture are more natural
  • Day 21 and 30 the skin heals

Microblading day by day – Stages after microblading

For an optimal result, it takes between 4 to 6 weeks of healing, days where there will be changes in the aesthetics of the eyebrows, either in color or texture.

Microblading Eyebrow Healing – Stages After Microblading

During the healing of the microblading, the eyebrows go through multiple stages, some of them can scare us, but as we have mentioned before they are completely normal, for example: scaling along the treated area, that the color of your eyebrows becomes see patchy and even some pigment drop.

Microblading day by day, results and times

If you are a curious girl who wants to know more about the healing process of microblading, its phases and stages after microblading, here we leave you a detailed timeline.

Microblading first week

  • Day 1: You feel more emotion than normal because of the result of your eyebrows, at this point they are usually in color turning red, but with a totally different silhouette.
  • Day 2 to 4: Now they are usually darker, and maybe you can be scared, but you should not, it is normal for this to happen due to the inlay of the pigment.

Microblading second week

  • Day 5 to 8: The dryness and flaking process begins, there is no need to worry because it is totally normal, the only thing you must remember is not to remove the scales or scabs, since you can remove the pigments.
  • Day 9 and 10: It is mostly the stage where you will suffer the most concern, it seems that they were to disappear, but it is not like that, anyway, a touch-up is always recommended.
  • Day 11 to 30: The final development of your eyebrows begins, they usually appear by sectors, giving a feeling of irregularity, but it does not mean that it is wrong, everything is normal. Already during the last few days, the healing process is ending, and you will determine if you need a touch-up.

Microblading after a month

After 1 month, your skin will be completely healed, as the microblading phases open past. In most cases, you shouldn’t feel any pain or discomfort. On the other hand, your eyebrows should also look soft and full.

In another month or two, you will likely have a follow-up appointment with your provider. This allows them to check how your skin has healed, as well as correct and touch up any blemishes.

When do I need a microblading touch-up?

Sometimes on the first try, not everything goes as we wanted, in most cases your eyebrows will look spectacular. If in your case you expelled some pigments, you need a touch-up, although it only happens 15% of the time, it has a maximum of 3 touch-ups, it depends on your skin type and its reaction to pigments.


All of these would be the “drawbacks” that could arise during the microblading phases. How could you read, it is possible that you take one or another scare and worry about possible sudden discoloration that your eyebrows suffer, however as we mentioned earlier this is a fundamental part of healing, so you will not have to worry. As long as you follow the precautions, you will not present problems in the long term.

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